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Topic: What to do?

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Subject: What to do?
Date Posted: 3/3/2009 11:31 PM ET
Member Since: 2/8/2009
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I sent a book to someone on 2/17. I hadn't heard anything back so I decided to check the DC # on the USPS website. It says it was delivered on 2/25. Soooo, should I PM this person and ask if they have in fact received it or what?  I'm a little unsure if I should PM them to check and see if they just forgot to mark it received or if I should just wait or what. Opinions?

Date Posted: 3/3/2009 11:35 PM ET
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How long does it have before it goes "lost" according to PBS?  Really, just PM-ing a member about a book much before it goes lost isn't really a good idea.  DC only means it made it to its last PO destination - not to the person you mailed it to.  I use PBS DC because it's so much easier for PBS to track this than for me to do it and have to report it.


Date Posted: 3/3/2009 11:36 PM ET
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Ahh, ok. I didn't know that "delivered" only meant to the last PO destination. I thought it actually meant delivered. lol Thanks for the clarification! I was getting worried!

Date Posted: 3/3/2009 11:44 PM ET
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Date Posted: 3/3/2009 11:48 PM ET
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I've done this in the past.  I usually send a polite PM, something like:

"I see that the Post Office has marked the book I sent you as being delivered (insert number here) days ago, yet it still isn't marked as received.  Is there a problem with the book?"


Date Posted: 3/4/2009 12:18 AM ET
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I send a note that says, Hi, I am just trying to catch up on my account, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I saw that the post office marked the book XXXXXX delivered on DATE. I just wanted to make sure you received it and was wondering if you would mind marking it received when you get a minute. Thanks so much.

It has worked every time.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 12:22 AM ET
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Give it a week after the scan and then just a polite PM saying its been scanned as being delivered and you wanted to make sure it was actually delivered to the correct address.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 9:03 AM ET
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Just remember that "delivered" means it was delivered SOMEWHERE, not necessarily to the right address or person. Without something requiring signature on delivery, there's no way to actually prove the right person got it.

I have had experience with books (and other packages) being misdelivered a few times over the years. I live in an aprtment building now, and a couple of times my books were left for someone else in the building...had he not been honest and brought me the books intended for me, I would never have received them, even though it was scanned as delivered. And I would have been really offended if the sender had sent me a note asking me to mark the books received--since I always do that the same day I get my books.


Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 3/4/2009 10:15 AM ET
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The last scan before delivery usually says "Arrival at Unit". I don't bother to PM. Remember the system is already sending 3 emails about every book before they mark it lost, so I know these people are getting asked and I don't see what advantage there would be to me asking again.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 10:39 AM ET
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Thanks for the good information! I guess I'll wait a little longer before making any contact. I certainly don't want to offend anyone. My first thought was the possibility it was delivered incorrectly and that was my main concern, but I'll hold out for now.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 11:12 AM ET
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Date Posted: 3/4/2009 11:15 AM ET
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I have a book enroute to me that says it was delivered on 1/8.  I have yet to see this book.  Wherever they delivered it-it wasn't to my house.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 12:34 PM ET
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During one wierd month.. I received packages for 3 different people... so I am sure it was marked delivered, but it certainly wasn't to the right house.  I took them and dropped them off at the right houses, which were all close by.  The first one I opened because it had a PBS wrapper and I didn't even look at the address.  I opened the book and it was a genre I read.. but I thought "I sure don't remember ordering this".. and then I checked the address and saw that it was a different address.

So, if you do send a PM at some point... in your tone.. you can "assume" the mistake might be the postal delivery until your confirm otherwise.

Date Posted: 3/4/2009 1:57 PM ET
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Yea just send a nice PM and ask if they recieved the book. I had to do that today. They were real nice and in about 10 minutes the book was marked recieved. I have forgotten a time or two to mark a book recieved. My husband brings the mail in every night and places it on my desk. I am usually fixing dinner and do not have the time to mark it recieved. Every morning I come to my desk go through the mail and mark what books I got recieved. Like this week end the snow storm got us and we were without power, I couldn't mark books recieved untill Monday afternoon when the power came back on. There are times my DH leaves the mail in the truck and its a day later before I mark it recieved. One time I was at the hospital with my Mother and it was a whole week before I could mark them recieved. There are plenty of good reasons that some times its not marked recieved.