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Topic: Who created the first RAOK Threads ?

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Subject: Who created the first RAOK Threads ?
Date Posted: 11/29/2009 7:35 PM ET
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Sitting here looking through old RAOK threads and read one asking who came up with this idea, so i pm two folks trying to find out.  It would be great to find out the date and who started it.  Even better to see the first post, that would be so cool.  If anyone knows please post here.

This post has been one of the best once there is, It makes me feel good that I'm able to give items to someone who can and will use it, instead of it going in the trash or given to someone and then they turn around and throw it out (Yes i have had family and friends say that they will take the items and then just throw it out but didn't want to say no to me, that's dumb just say no, not just take it and then throw it out.

I was raised not to throw anything out that someone, somewhere can use it or be in need of that item. so i always ask first to family, friends then send to the church or kids programs.

And a huge Thank You to all who have send me items, they have been very much appreciated and have made my son and grandkids very happy.


Date Posted: 11/29/2009 7:47 PM ET
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I started the first one in CMT I believe in August 2007. However I give credit for the idea to Jenn (Jenndiggy) who started it as a swap game a few months before that. I'm afraid the forum archives don't go back that far the first one still available is September 2007 so its the second month it was done and if I understand the archive system that thread won't be here much longer either.


I don't remember the first RAOK I ever got, but I do remember the best one. Someone sent my mom a "reborn" doll which believe me we know they don't come cheap. It was sent anonymously although I do think I know who sent it but she isn't a member here anymore. I've also received some really nice china for my collection and some nice linens as well, also both clothes and toys for my son.

Date Posted: 11/29/2009 8:04 PM ET
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wow thats great.

I don't remember my first RAOK, but this one was very special to me.

I remember one of my best was when i posted about my granddaughters Bratz dolls,   My grandson brought the bag over from the G.Grandma house and put it near the door, my older son went to throw out the trash and threw  the bag out.  She had all her dolls, different size from tiny to the big headed onces and accessories more then 20 dolls, everything she had in her house she brought it over to her greatgrandma house. They where inside plastic bags, she cried for weeks.  I felt so bad, between my daughter, my mom and i bought a few but we couldn't afford to buy every single thing she had, that is what i had wish for to be able to get every single items that was thrown out.

I decided to post on the wish list raok and was so surprised my granddaughter received bratz dolls, even when some folks didn't like them they still send her a doll or two.  I had never cried so much like i did that week. my granddaughter was so happy,  she still plays with them and loves them.  I still have it posted on my list. because if there is a homeless bratz doll around i will give it a great new home.

Thanks everyone for all the great raok items i have received.

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Date Posted: 11/30/2009 1:46 PM ET
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Great! Glad to know where this came from. Many thanks to Bren ( and Jenn too) for this wonderful part of PBS.

Subject: Slightly different ROAK
Date Posted: 11/30/2009 4:04 PM ET
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This one in June 2007 is the first one I remember and yes, you can still find it here.

It was started by Bernie!    

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Date Posted: 11/30/2009 6:32 PM ET
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Cozette M.  That's great, I wonder when i first signed up / offered or received.  I will neet to make some time to look through it all, maybe i can find myself LOL.

Date Posted: 11/30/2009 7:22 PM ET
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it great place.

T. -
Date Posted: 11/30/2009 10:42 PM ET
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I joined in January of 07 and when I joined there had been a RAOK shower for a lady who was expecting--I think it was Kim Phooey.  Anyway, after that, people started expressing an interest in doing the card showers, so that is why the Yahoo group was set up.  It worked great until issues of privacy and security kept popping up because some members would use the info in the group for nefarious reasons.  Those people are no longer members of PBS.  Not long after the Yahoo group was started, Bren started the RAOK 'thread," which was different from what the Yahoo group was for.  For example, the Yahoo group leaders would email all on the list and tell them that ____ needs a shower because they are ill, or perhaps a big anniversary, milestone birthday, death in the family, etc.  Those so inclined sent cards and/or gifts.  Bren's thread was/is much more personal, with people offering or asking for items with no "middle man," so to speak.


Hope I'm not interrupting, just wanted to try to clarify what I thought the previous RAOK stuff involved on PBS.