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Author: Joyce Carol Oates
ISBN-13: 9780525940456
ISBN-10: 0525940456
Pages: 192
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 22 ratings
Publisher: Dutton Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 7
Creepy look into the mind of a serial killer. The whole book is written from the killers point of view. The killer is a bit child like, but still very deadly. Very good read, just like anything Oats has written.
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Helpful Score: 4
An incredibly disturbing book. Very disturbing. There was no resolution to the story either. Thank goodness it was a very fast read, because I would have felt that my time was wasted otherwise. The peripheral characters were undeveloped, and there was really no back-story to the main character. This psychotic individual was just dropped onto the pages and there was nothing sympathetic about him, nor were there any clues given as to how he became so twisted. I felt like I needed to take a shower after reading this because it just made me feel soiled. Not a pleasant read.
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Helpful Score: 2
Very dark. Lots of similarities to Jefferey Dahmer. Written through the eyes of the serial killer who prays on men and boys. Interesting ending.
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This was a nauseating look into the brain of a sadistic serial killer. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever read and literally gave me nightmares. That said, it was a good book, but you need to have nerves of steel for this one!!
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A horrific story...a serial killer tells his story in first person. A lot of stream of consciousness, it is like being inside his mind. It is written so matter-of-fact without the gratuitous titilation you might expect from a book about a serial killer. I think that's what makes it so chilling. It is a short book that can be read in one sitting but will leave chills down your spine for days. Joyce Carol Oates strikes again...and yes, I liked it but then I like books that are just left of center...
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Well-conceived and written, if rather unpalatable subject matter.
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...what the hell did I just read. My brain has recoiled in horror and hasn't yet returned.
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4 stars for the voyage into the mind of a true serial killer, psychopath, with absolutely no conscience, who's the "true zombie" in the story in that he possessed no soul or remorse, walking around amongst humans, trying to copy how humans act and speak, trying to blend in, when he is the alien in whom no one else perceives, least of all, his gullible psychiatrist. His goal is trying to create his own zombie via lobotomy, to create his private sex slave, and his entire goal in life is to find the perfect zombie. I subtracted one star because it does leave you with horror and disgust, so if the writer's goal was to show an unapologetic display of the horrific, she succeeded, and it ought to be 5 stars.
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This was a real page-turner for me, a single afternoon read. It's written in a diary style from the point of view of a very believable childlike predator. I read a lot of true-crime and consider myself well-versed in criminal psychology, and I thought that the restraint practiced by the author in terms of only recording things from the sophomoric emotional state of a stunted and sad murderer. Remarkably well-executed.
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Crazy Creepy a little to real! This guy could be anybody and it scares the hell out of you.
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Joyce Carol Oates always delivers a great book. This one is from the viewpoint of a serial killer...and fascinating.
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A good read, but kind of disturbing....
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I'm *NOT* an Oates fan. But I thought this book was awesome. Maybe I'm just weird like that. You can't help but put Dahmer's face on Quentin; and that makes it an even better read.

Quentin is a pedophile and serial killer; but his family thinks he's just mixed up and isn't guilty of the horrific crimes he's been accused of. He's been "trying" to make himself a sexual zombie by performing lobotomies on his victims. Can he keep his secrets safe from Grandma? Can he get ahold of the little boy who mows the lawn? Can he make the perfect Zombie?
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This was one of the most frightening, disturbing, disgusting looks inside the mind of a sexual deviant/serial killer, and I could not quit reading it. I tore through it in one night but the effects linger for days.
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Very interesting look into a twisted mind.
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First person perspective from the mind of a serial killer. Nothing really horrifying here but eerie nonetheless. His quest to make an obeying zombie through the use of a home performed pre-frontal lobotomy is weird but also reminiscent of Jeffrey Dahmer.
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While this book is a VERY disturbing read, I found the trip through the mind of a sociopath to be fascinating. The character very much seemed inspired by Jeffery Dahmer and his desire to make a "zombie" that would do his will and love him unconditionally.

This book is NOT one of the new wave of zombie novels flooding the market. Rather, it is the story of a serial killer told in first person.