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Topic: Zumba classes

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Subject: Zumba classes
Date Posted: 3/23/2009 4:32 PM ET
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I'm a member at our local Gold's Gym and they offer a Zumba class.  Has anyone here taken a class, know anything about it?  What muscle groups does it work?  Basically, I'm just asking what can I expect from this class? 


Date Posted: 3/25/2009 11:03 AM ET
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I love Zumba.  It is mostly cardio but you will work up a good sweat.  It's a fun workout.

Date Posted: 4/13/2009 7:41 PM ET
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I work at a YMCA and you will move, move, move and sweat, sweat, sweat.  It is set to different music styles.   That is one class that is always filled up.  Everyone loves it.

Subject: Its awesome!
Date Posted: 6/24/2009 10:53 AM ET
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As a way of trying to stay fit and active over the summer. I am attempting to try most of the classes offered at the gym. I am slightly limited, I have a knee injury so that doesnt help. I tried the Zumba class last week and I loved it. The classes here are a total 1 hour cardio workout. Our instructor had us do a few moves, zumba, salsa, etc. Just little snippets and then we put it all together for a litttle mini workout. We did that about 5 times, with a cool down session at the end. After each mini workout, we were able to get a couple min breather and get some water. Its great!

Date Posted: 6/30/2009 2:28 PM ET
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I'm trying my first one tonight.

Date Posted: 7/23/2009 1:20 PM ET
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I took a Zumba class a few weeks ago and HATED it.  I think it was because of the instructor I had though.  She did not explain anything and by the time I figured out a step, she moved on to something else.  You will work up a sweat for sure and there is a lot of booty shaking! LOL

Date Posted: 9/17/2009 12:20 AM ET
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I love zumba :). It was one of the main reason for joining the gym we joined. Our class lasted an hour and it was spent completely on our feet (i.e. no warm up/cool down where you lie on the floor like in the step class I go to) so yeah it's primarily a cardio class. My instructor was a bit like Carrie's (see post above) in that she didn't break the steps down very much during the class but she was willing to help after and was very encouraging. She moved and the new girl starts teaching next week so I haven't seen her teaching style yet *crosses fingers*. If you go to youtube and type in zumba or zumba instruction you can find clips of routines that instructors recorded in their classes. My favorite ones are by a user named hrounds73. Hth, Erica

Subject: Zumba...Lumba
Date Posted: 9/25/2009 9:19 PM ET
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I absolutely love Zumba.  If you have the right instructor, I think you will too.

Date Posted: 9/30/2009 10:19 PM ET
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I found Zumba to be a very light cardio workout. It is good if you are just starting to exercise again, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking to advance your cardio work load. If that is your goal, I would opt for kickboxing instead.

Date Posted: 10/7/2009 9:50 AM ET
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I decided to try one last night because I keep hearing about what a great workout it is.  Maybe it was just that particular class, but I don't think I even got my heart rate up.  I sweated, but only because the room was hot.  I do lots and lots of cardio, so it just wasn't challenging for me (not to brag...I couldn't do a single push up to save my life, lol!) 

I did hurt my hip doing it, though, so if you're wondering what muscle groups it works, there you go!

Date Posted: 10/14/2009 9:30 PM ET
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The zumba class at my gym is right before my pilates class and it looks great - loads of people love it, but until my boy starts kindergarten next year I can't go - I plan on giving it a go though.

Date Posted: 11/6/2009 1:32 AM ET
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I started Zumba a month ago and love it.  We have a 1 hour class twice a week.  I don't know what everyone else does, but our instructor does Zumba for the first 30 minutes and then "strength training" for the second 30 minutes.  Basically for the second half of class we are tortured in every way possible and made to feel extreme pain, but I love it.  Crunchs, push-ups, leg lifts (lots and lots) and so many other forms of torture...Her motto is if there isn't groaning, she's not doing her job.  Think Jillian from Biggest Loser only blonde and perky.  It's great!!

Date Posted: 11/29/2009 1:01 PM ET
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I take a Zumba based Latin Fusion cardio class at Lifetime fitness.  The instructor is great (from Argentina) and it's the most fun I've ever had in an exercise class.  The only class I've ever actually been sorry when it's over.   It's more like a one hour dance party.  Great music & very energtic.  So much fun!  Take it; I promise you won't regret it if the instructor is decent!  :)

Date Posted: 1/6/2010 1:20 PM ET
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You asked about muscle groups.  I know my legs have toned up significantly since taking the latin cardio class.  It also works the waist & hips since there's a lot of shaking your booty. 

Date Posted: 1/7/2010 5:28 PM ET
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I took a Latin dance themed Zumba class at a local church. While this particular class catered to the middle aged to older women who attended, as a college student, I still found myself working up a sweat. We even did a Michael Jackson-themed workout once! I highly recommend this type of cardio exercise class. It gets your heart rate up while targeting areas of the body like the legs and butt, while shaping a stronger core.