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Jeanne D. (jeepers): Back to the Mainland

We spent an amazing winter in Kihei, Hi with lots of time to read on the beautiful beaches. Plan to go back again next fall. We are now in Eugene for the incredible spring weather here. I hear we missed several snows here this winter. Good for us! Have lots to do this summer including reading some of the books you all have sent. Aloha. Jeanne D.

Entry added on 5/5/2008 10:25 PM
Jeanne D. (jeepers): 10,000 miles

My husband, Larry, retired in January, 2007. We just returned home after a 2 1/2 mo. trip in our RV from Oregon to Maine. Visited many family members and friends on the way and lots of time to read (and knit, my other passion) while Larry drove most of the way. I gave him breaks when he needed it. It was fun to drive the RV and I even got pretty good at backing the thing into RV park spaces!

We live in an amazing and beautiful country filled with great people! I am encouraged and enthusiastic about our people and our wonderful country after this trip. So much negativity fills our news and I think it is so not the "norm" nor is it healthy. There are millions of Americans who are thriving and happy across this amazing country. We are doing much better than the media gives us credit for. The good stuff just isn't interesting news. So take heart, we are OK and we can move this country forward into a better and higher path when we choose leadership who can take us where we want to go and not where the media tells us that we ought to go. The American values of fairness and treating your neighbor as you would be treated are still out there and are prevailing.

Entry added on 7/24/2007 1:40 AM
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