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Ellie (EllieW) - , : Books Read in 2010


1/1 Shadow Man/ Cody McFadyen

1/2 The Lovely Bones/ Alice Sebold

1/7 The Face of Death/ Cody McFadyen

1/8 Death of a Garage Sale Newbie/ Sharon Dunn

1/11 The Children's Blizzard/ David Laskin

1/14 The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion/ Alice Kimberley

?1/ 19 River of Drakness/ Rennie Airth

1/23 Mood Indigo/ Charlotte Vale Allen

1/28 The Thief/ Megan Whalen Turner


2/4 The Darker Side/ Cody McFadyen

2/6 Plum Pudding Murder/ Joanne Fluke

2/9 Terror on Tuesday/ Ann Purser

2/15 Miss Julia Takes Over/ Ann B Ross

2/19 Messenger of Death/ Jaqueline Winspear

2/24 Weeping on Wednesday/ Ann Purser

2/26 Elvis and the Dearly Departed/ Peggy Webb


3/11 Theft On Thursday/ Ann Purser

3/18 The Poisoned Chocolates Case/ Anthony Berkley

3/20 Pay the Piper/ Kate Kingsbury

3/23 You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled/ Parnell Hall


4/2 The Student Body/ Valerie Wolzien

4/7 Chivalry is Dead/ Kate Kingsbury

4/11 Every Demon Has His Day/ Cara Lockwood

4/15 Wait Til Your Vampire Gets Home/ Michelle Bardsley

4/16 Fireworks Over Toccoa/ Jeffrey Stepakoff

4/ 22 French Pressed/ Cleo Coyle

4/24 The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club/ Susan McBride

4/28 Ring For Tomb Service/ Kate Kingsbury


5/1 While My Sister Sleeps/ Barbara Delinskey

5/5 The Heat of The Moon/ Sandra Parshall

5/8 Frankenstein: Dead and Alive/ Dean Koontz

5/11 Getting Old is a Disaster/ Rita Lakin

5/12 The Shack/ William Paul Young

5/13 Imperfect Birds/ Anne Lamont

5/14 Eggs in Purgatory/ Laura Childs

5/15 Over My Dead Body/ Michelle Bardsley

5/19 Blasphemy/ Douglas Preston

5/21 The Harrowing/ Alexandra Sokoloff

5/22 The Blue Star/ Tony Early

5/23 Laughed Til He Died/ Carolyn Hart

5/28 Apple Turnover Murder/ Joanne Fluke


6/2 Mother's Day Murder/ Leslie Meier

6/4 State of the Onion/ Julie Hyzy

6/6 The Merry Wives of Maggody/ Joan Hess

6/8 Wild Ride/ Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

6/11 Demon Ex Machina/ Julie Kenner

6/13 Hail To the Chef/ Julie Hyzy

6/16 Mama Does Time/ Deborah Sharp

6/19 Impact/ Douglas Preston

6/23 Moving is Murder/ Sara Rossett

6/25 May Day/ Jess Lourey

6/26 Eggsecutive Orders/ Julie Hyzy

6/27 The Diva Runs Out Of Thyme/ Krista Davis



7/2 Summer At Tiffany/ Marjorie Hart

7/4 The 5 Greatest Warriors/ Matthew Reilly

7/6 Espresso Shot/ Cleo Coyle

7/9 Fear On Friday/ Ann Purser

7/10 The Family Affair Cookbook/ Kathy Garver

7/11 The Diva Takes The Cake/ Krista Davis

7/14 Winter's Bone/ Daniel Woodrell

7/18 Night of the Living Deed/ E. J. Copperman

7/20 The Devil In Gray/ Graham Masterton

7/22 Ice Cold/ Tess Gerritsen

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Ellie (EllieW) - , : Books Read in 2009 Total 112

1/4 Catalogue of Death-Jo Dereske

1/5 Here's The Story-Maureen McCormick

1/14 The Keepsake-Tess Gerritsen

1/16 Murderland-Thomas B Cavanaugh

1/17 A Spoonful of Poison-M.C. Beaton

1/20 Ghost At Work-Carolyn Hart

1/27 Firefly Lane-Kristin Hannah

1/31 I'm The Vampire That's Why-Michelle Bardsley


2/2 Index To Murder-Jo Dereske

2/3 A Distant Music-B J Hoff

2/4 The Ghost And Mrs. McClure-Alice Kimberley

2/6 The Ghost And The Dead Deb-Alice Kimberley

2/8 The Ghost And The Dead Man's Library-Alice Kimberley

2/14 The Case of the Murdered Muckraker-Carola Dunn

2/15 Eat, Drink, and Be Buried-Kate Kingsbury

2/18 The Future Homemakers of America-Laurie Graham

2/20 On What Grounds-Cleo Coyle

2/23 Through The Grinder-Cleo Coyle

2/28 Mistletoe and Murder-Carola Dunn


3/1 Check Out Time-Kate Kingsbury

3/4 Maisie Dobbs-Jaqueline Winspear

3/9 The Gurnsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society-Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

3/18 Die Laughing-Carola Dunn

3/19 Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire-Michelle Bardsley

3/29 The Accidental Werewolf-Dakota Cassidy


4/4 A Mourning Wedding-Carola Dunn

4/5 Peach Cobbler Murder-Joanne Fluke

4/10 Latte Trouble-Cleo Coyle

4/12 Murder of a Small Town Honey-denise Swanson

4/13 Fool Moon-Jim Butcher

4/16 Birds of a Feather-Jaqueline Winspear

4/18 Grounds For Murder-Kate Kingsbury

4/24 The Pact-Jodi Picoult

4/27 Murder Most Frothy-Cleo Coyle


5/3 Cherry Cheesecake Murder-Joanne Fluke

5/13 Romanced To Death-Susan Rogers Cooper

5/22 The 8th Confession-James Patterson

5/25 Thistle and Twigg-Mary Saums

5/26 Salem Falls-Jodi Picoult

5/30 Cemetery Dance-Preston/Child


6/6 Dare To Die-Carolyn Hart

6/12 Terminal Freeze-Lincoln Child

6/26 Grave Peril-Jim Butcher

6/27 The Host-Stephanie Meyer

6/29 Mighty Bones-Mary Saums


7/5 Dead and Gone-Charlaine Harris

7/8 Lone Star Cafe-Lisa Wingate

7/10 Blue Blood-Susan McBride

7/11 Zombie Queen of Newberry High-Amanda Ashby

7/11 Classic Rock Stories-Tim Morris

7/13 Murder on Waverly Place-Victoria Thompson

7/16 Murder of a Sweet Old Lady-Denise Swanson

7/24 The Good Girl's Guide to Murder-Susan McBride

7/26 Summer Knight-Jim Butcher

7/28 Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things-Nancy Tesler


8/1 Over The Moon At The Big Lizard Diner-Lisa Wingate

8/3 The Trouble With Magic-Madelyn Alt

8/4 Grey Mask-Patricia Wentworth

8/7 Key Lime Pie Murder-Joanne Fluke

8/9 A Charmed Death-Madelyn Alt

8/12 Hex Marks the Spot-Madelyn Alt

8/13 Death Masks-Jim Butcher

8/14 The Saffron Kitchen-Yasmin Crowther

8/15 Murder of a Sleeping Beauty-Denise Swanson

8/16 Map of Bones-James Rollins

8/18 Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp-Lauren Lipton

8/19 The Night Gardener-George Pellacanos

8/21 Fall of a Philanderer-Carola Dunn

8/24 Decaffienated Corpse-Cleo Coyle

8/24 Pardonable Lies-Jaqueline Winspear

8/28 Carrot Cake Murder-Joanne Fluke

8/29 Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind-Ann B Ross

8/8/31 The Ghost and the Femme Fatale-Alice Kimberley


9/5 Cream Puff Murder-Joanne Fluke

9/6 How to Murder a Millionaire-Nancy Martin

9/9 Black Dog-Stephen Booth

9/13 Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds-Nancy Martin

9/15 No Rest For the Wiccan-Madelyn Alt

9/16 The Art of Racing in the Rain-Garth Stein

9/19 Swan For the Money-Donna Andrews

9/22 Coal Run-Tawny O'Dell


10/2 Keeping the House-Ellen Baker

10/6 Some Like it Lethal-Nancy Martin

10/13 Where There's a Witch-Madelyn Alt

10/17 The Sweetness at the Bottom ofn the Pie-Alan Bradley

10/21 The Help/Kathryn Stackett

10/22 Her Royal Spyness/ Rhys Bowen

10/25 Dancing With the Virgins/ Stephen Booth

10/28 Murphy's Law/ Rhys Bowen


11/4 Kilt Dead/ Kaitlynn Dunnett

11/4 jim the Boy/ Tony Early

11/9 Because Your Vampire Said So/ Michelle Bardsley

11/12 Scone Cold Dead/ Kaitlynn Dunnett

11/13 Merry Merry Ghost/ Carolyn Hart

11/14 A Touch of Dead/ Charlain Harris

11/20 A Royal Pain/ Rhys Bowen

11 26 Here Comes Santa Claus/ sandra Hill, Kate Holmes, Trish Jensen

11/30 A Nose For Murder/ Lee Charles Kelley


12/3 The Sleeper Gillian White

12/4 A Grave Secret/Charlaine Harris

12/21 Sugar & Spice/ Fern Michaels, Joanne Fluke, Shirley Jump

12/26 Murder on Monday/ Ann Purser

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Ellie (EllieW) - , : Books read in 2008-Total 114


1. 1/1 East of Peculiar- Suzann Ledbetter ( really enjoyed it, looking forward to more )

2. 1/3 Dead as a Doornail- Charlaine Harris ( great continuation of the Sookie Stackhouse series )

3. 1/4 The Good Guy- Dean Koontz ( not one of his scary books, but kept me interested til the end )

4. 1/5 The Winter Garden Mystery- Carola Dunn ( excellent second book in the Daisy Dalrymple series )

5. 1/7 Mrs. Malory Investigates- Hazel Holt ( nice first book in the Sheila Malory cozy series. Quick read )

6. 1/8 Play Dates- Leslie Carroll ( Started slow, but got pretty interesting. Ended up enjoying it. )

7. 1/11 Demons Are Forever- Julie Kenner

8. 1/12 Definitely Dead- Charlaine Harris

9. 1/13 The Almost Moon- Alice Sebold ( Hated this dark depressing book. Hated the fact that I was compelled to finish it. Hated, hated, hated the ending!!! )

10. 1/14 16 Lighthouse Road- Debbie Macomber ( Enjoyed it. Really cared about the characters. Looking forward to #2 in the series. )

11. 1/16 Killer Insight- Victoria Laurie (4th book in the Abby Cooper psychic series. Enjoyed it a lot. )

12. 1/18 Absolute Fear- Lisa Jackson ( Bentz and Montoya set in New Orleans...a continuation of the Our Lady of Virtues Hospital series...not as good as previous books. Too many implausible scenarios....book seemed hurried and forced in the end. )

13. 1/20 A Catered Murder- Isis Crawford ( First book in the series about two sisters, Bernie and Libby, who have a food shop in New York. It was okay. It wasn't really a page turner. I may try the 2nd book, I'm not in a big hurry to read the rest of the series. )

14. 1/26 The Darkest Evening of the Year- Dean Koontz ( Book was just okay. Not a page turner.

15. 1/29 All Together Dead- Charlaine Harris ( Great Sookie Stackhouse book. Loved it!! )

16. 1/30 Crime Seen- Victoria Laurie ( Great Abby Cooper mystery. Loved it. Hate to wait til Sept. 2008 for the next one. )

17. 1/31 The Road- Cormac McCarthy ( Not sure what to think or feel about this book. It was different. It was a quick read. )


1. 2/1 Grave Sight- Charlaine Harris ( First Harper Connelly mystery. Loved it!! Kept me guessing til the end. )

2. 2/3 Enchanted Inc- Shanna Swendsen ( First katie Chandler and MSI Inc book. Great fun read. Absolutely loved it. Can't wait to read the next one. )

3. 2/6 Act of Darkness- Jane haddam ( A little slow. 2nd book in the Gregor Demarkian series.)

4. 2/9 The Alexandria Link- Steve Berry ( First by this author I've read. It was pretty engrossing. I'll probably seek out more of his books. )

5. 2/16 Malpractice in Maggody- Joan Hess ( Love the Arly Hanks series. This one is fun. )

6. 2/18 6 Sacred Stones- Matthew Reilly ( The epic adventure begun in The Seven Deadly Wonders continues. This is one wild ride. The cliffhanger has me itching for the next in the series already. )

7. 2/19 Once Upon Stilettos- Shanna Swendson ( Great continuance of the unmagical Katie working in the magical world. Loved it! )

8. 2/22 Grave Surprise- Charlaine Harris ( 2nd in the Harper Connelly series. Kept me guessing til the end. )

9. 2/23 The Mist- Stephen King ( Quick read. Good old King scare the living daylights out of you book. FUN!!! )

10. 2/28 Agnes and the Hitman- Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer ( Fun fun book. Loved it! )


1. St. Patrick's Day Murder- Leslie Meier ( Fun Lucy Stone mystery. )

2. Heart Shaped Box- Joe Hill ( Pretty scary engrossing novel. The ending was a bit contrived, but all in all a fun horror book. )

3. The Eyre Affair- Jasper Fforde ( 1st in the series. A strange book, but enjoyable. )

4. 3/12 Requiem For a Mezzo- Carola Dunn ( Engaging 3rd entry in the Daisy Dalrymple series. )

5. 3/13 Dead Sea- Brian Keene ( Page turner of a horror story, but did not like the ending. )

6. 3/16 Choclate Chip Cookie Murder- Joanne Fluke ( 1st in the Hannah Swensen series. Fun cozy with some good cookie recipes thrown in. A winner! )

7. 3/17 The Haunting- Shirley Jackson ( Not great. Just slogged through it. )

8. 3/20 Getting Old is Murder- Rita Lakin ( 1st in the Gladdy Gold series. Bunch of good old gal senior citizens solving crimes. Lots of fun. Loved it!! )

9. 3/26 South of Sanity- Suzann Ledbetter ( Second of the series. Pretty good mystery with some romance thrown in. )

10. 3/31 Berserk- Tim Lebbon ( Decent horror novel. )


1. 4/1 Getting Old is the Best Revenge- Rita Lakin ( Fun second book in the Gladdy Gold series. The only part I did not like was the chase scene that was almost exactly like the one in the previous book. )

2. 4/6 Sleeping With Ward Cleaver- Jenny Gardiner ( Fairly interesting book about saving a modern day marriage. A bit trite at times. )

3. 4/18 Alpine For You- Maddy Hunter ( First in the series. Very fun and funny mystery. Will definitely be reading the next one. )

4. 4/19 Murder On Astor Place- Victoria Thomson ( First in the Gaslight Mystery series. Well written mystery set in early 1900's New York. Sarah is a midwife who helps solve the murder of a young pregnant girl. Looking forward to the second in the series. )

5. Strawberry Shortcake Murder- Joanne Fluke ( Second Hannah Swenson mystery. More fun and delicious sounding recipes. )

6. Ice Hunt- James Rollins ( Rousing adventure set on an abandoned ice station in the Actic. Love these action adventure novels. )


5/6 Getting Old is Criminal- Rita Lakin

5/12 Blueberry Muffin Murder- Joanne Fluke

5/15 She's Come Undone- Wally Lamb

5/19 Lemon Jelly Cake- Madeline Babcock Smith

5/24 Getting Old is to Die For- Rita Lakin

5/29 Lemon Meringue Pie Murder- Joanne Fluke


6/1 Top O'the Mournin'- Maddy Hunter

6/5 Flamingo Fatale- Jimmie Ruth Evans

6/6 Midwives- Chris Bohjalian

6/11 An Ice Cold Grave- Charlaine Harris

6/15 Pompeii- Robert Harris

6/16 Whiskey on the Rocks- Nina Wright

6/19 Fudge Cupcake Murder- Joanne Fluke

6/22 Angel at Troublesome Creek- Mignon F Ballard

6/24 Murder on St. Mark's Place- Victoria Thompson

6/28 The Lake House- James Patterson


7/1 Murder on Gramercy Park- Victoria Thompson

7/1 An Angel to Die For- Mignon F Ballard

7/2 The Eleventh Plague- John S Marr and John Baldwin

7/3 Two Little Girls in Blue- Mary Higgins Clark

7/5 A Bone to Pick- Charlaine Harris

7/8 Murder on the Flying Scotsman- Carola Dunn

7/9 204 Rosewood Lane- Debbie Macomber

7/12 And a Puzzle to Die On- Parnell Hall

7/16 Sugar Cookie Murder- Joanne Fluke

7/18 The Cruellest Month- Hazel Holt

7/27 Stalking the Puzzle Lady- Parnell Hall

7/29 The Honk and Holler Opening Soon- Billie Letts

7/31 Dear America: Christmas Afetr All- Kathryn Lasky


8/2 Deep Fathom- James Rollins

8/3 311 Pelican Court- Debbie Macomber

8/4 Deservedly Dead- BJ Oliphant

8/8 Damsel in Distress- Carola Dunn

8/10 Dead in the Water- Carola Dunn

8/11 Styx and Stones- Carola Dunn

8/12 High Marks For Murder- Rebecca Kent

8/16 Church of Dead Girls- Stephen Dobyns

8/19 Nowhere to Run- Mary Jane Clark

8/21 Bitter Harvest- Anne Rule

8/23 Murder on Washington Square- Victoria Thompson

8/25 Murder on Mulberry Bend- Victoria Thompson

8/27 Murder on Marble Row- Victoria Thompson

8/29 Murder on Lennox Hill-Victoria Thompson

8/30 Rattle His Bones-Carola Dunn


9/2 No Second Chance-Harlan Coben

9/3 To Davy Jones Below-Carola Dunn

9/6 Murder in Little Italy-Victoria Thompson

9/9 The Tall Pine Polka-Lorna Landvik

9/22 Lost Souls-Lisa Jackson

9/30 Twilight-Stephanie Meyer


10/2 Murder in Chinatown-Victoria Thompson

10/5 Lost and Found-Carolyn Parkhurst

10/13 New Moon-Stephanie Meyer

10/14 Murder on Bank Street-Victoria Thompson

10/21 Eclipse-Stephanie Meyer

10/25 Breaking Dawn-Stephanie Meyer

10/28 Witch Way To Murder-Shirley Damsgaard

10/31 Death Walked In-Carolyn Hart


11/2 The Shepherd, The Angel, and The Walter The Miracle Dog-Dave Barry

11/10 From Dead to Worse-Charlaine Harris

11/14 Blackout-John J Nance

11/17 Deja Demon-Julie Kenner

11/29 Damsel Under Stress-Shanna Swendson


12/2 On a Snowy Night-Debbie Macomber

12/7 Miracle on I-40-Curtis Ann Matlock

12/14 Cockatiels At Seven-Donna Andrews

12/15 The Christmas Thief-Mary and Carol Higgins Clark

12/22 Six Geese A-Slaying-Donna Andrews

12/23 Dashing Through The Snow-Mary and Carol Higgins Clark

12/26 Marley & Me-John Grogan

12/29 Don't Hex With Texas-Shanna Swendson

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Ellie (EllieW) - , : Books read in 2007-Total 119


The Wheel of darkness- Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child

Santa Cruise- Mary/Carol Higgins Clark

The Bone Garden- Tess Gerritsen

He Sees You When You're Sleeping- Mary/Carol Higgins Clark

Simple Gifts- Jude Deveraux/Judith McNaught

The Christmas Journey- Anne Perry

Deep Storm- Lincoln Child

A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini

A Christmas Secret- Anne Perry

The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz

Candy Cane Murder- Joann Fluke/Laura Levine/Leslie Meier

Glad tidings- Debbie Macomber

Ricochet- Sandra Brown

The Red Tent- Anita Diamant

A Vision of Murder- Victoria Laurie


Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye- Victoria Laurie

The Ruins- Scott Smith

Me And My Shadows- Lorna Luft

Better read Than Dead- Victoria Laurie

Kissing Christmas Goodbye- M C Beaton

Deck the Halls- Carol and Mary Higgins Clark

Bitsy's Bait and BBQ- Pamela Morsi


Hell Hath No Curry- Tamar Myers

6th Target- James Patterson

Dead to the World- Charlaine Harris

Death at Wentwater Court- Carola Dunn

Category 7- Bill Evans

Water For Elephants- Sara Gruen

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much- Donna Andrews

The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd

Hurricane- Keren Harper


Esau- Phillip Kerr

Mary Mary- James Patterson

Club Dead- Charlaine Harris

Filthy Rich- Dorothy Samuels

California Demon- Julie Kenner

Cross- James Patterson

Double Date- Barbara Taylor McCafferty & Beverly taylor Herald

5th Horseman- James Patterson

Commitment- Julie Ellis

What's a Ghoul To Do?- Victoria Laurie

One Tuesday Morning- Karen Kingsbury

Critical- Robin Cook

The Burnt House- Faye Kellerman


Bittersweets- G A McKevett

1906- James Dalesandro

The Experiment- John Darnton

The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini

I Heard That Song before- Mary Higgins Clark

With This Puzzle I Thee Kill- Parnell Hall

Odd Thomas- Dean Koontz

Carpe Demon- Julie Kenner

Dead Until Dark- Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas- Charlaine Harris

Murder Among Strangers- Jonnie Jacobs


A Man To Die For-Eilene Dreyer

Billy- Whitley Streiber

Parson's Pleasure- Molly Hardwick

The Unexpected Corpse- B J Oliphant

If You Could See Me Now-Peter Straub

Kiss Her Goodbye- Wendy Corsi Staub

Hyte Maneuver- David Milton

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven- Fannie Flagg

Love, Lies, and Liquor- M C Beaton

The Mephisto Club- Tess Gerritsen

Bake Sale Murder- Leslie Meier

Green Mill Murder- Kerry Greenwood

Death by Station Wagon- Jon Katz

Hide- Lisa Gardner


Gone- Lisa Gardner

Flying Too High- Kerry Greenwood

Murder On the Ballarat Train- Kerry Greenwood

The Same Sweet Girls- Cassandra King

Shiver- Lisa Jackson

Death At Victoria Dock- Kerry Greenwood

Blooming Murder- Jean Hager

A Case of Need- Michael Crichton

Real Murders- Charlaine Harris

Malice Domestic- Mollie Hardwick

The Night Before- Lisa Jackson

Dead in the Scrub- B J Oliphant


London Bridges- James Patterson

Owls Well That Ends Well- Donna Andrews

Death of a Dentist- M C Beaton

Chill Factor- Sandra Brown

No Rest For the Wicket- Donna Andrews

The Terror- Dan Simmons


Under the Knife- Tess Gerritsen

A Touch of the Grape- Claudia Bishop

World of Pies- Karen Stoltz

No Place Like Home- Mary Higgins Clark

Death By Misadventure- Kerry Greenwood


Dead Days of Summer- Carolyn Hart

Roses Are Red-James Patterson

Miss Zukas in Death's Shadow- Jo Dereske

Violets Are Blue- James Patterson

On the Street Where You Live- Mary Higgins Clark

Murder On the Minnesota- Conrad Allen

Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence- Jo Dereske

Bookmarked to Die- Jo Dereske

Four Blind Mice- James Patterson

Stone Kiss- Faye Kellerman

Death Dines Out- Claudia Bishop

Alone- Lisa Gardner

Big Bad Wolf- James Patterson


Extinct- Charles Wilson

Nighttime is My Time- Mary Higgins Clark

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons- Lorna Landvik

The Killing hour- Lisa Gardner

My Gal Sunday- Mary Higgins Clark

Cat and Mouse- James Patterson

Daddy's Littls Girl- Mary Higgins Clark


Cell- Stephen King

The Perfect Husband- Lisa Gardner

The Next accident- Lisa Gardner

Death of a Macho Man- M C Beaton

Full House- Janet Evanovich

Wedding Rows- Kate Kingsbury

An Unmentionable Murder- Kate Kingsbury

Hide & seek- James Patterson

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