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Sandy W. (quillingsandy) - , : more unpostables

1 unpostable included free with each book ordered. pm me with the freebie.

McCall's How to Weave It booklet, 64 pages

Macrame the Easy Way booklet

Pintique Creations booklet, designs with safety pins and beads

Simplicity Tayloring booklet, 1973, 80 pages, great condition

Women's Day Crockery Cookbook, 1976, 80 pages, great condition

A Summer Festival of Country Crafts, magazine, 1984, 122 pages, great condition

Woman's Day Native American Indian Crafts magazine, 1975, 96 pages, great condition

Country Home Country Gardens magazine, 1997

Wood Magazine, november 200, great condition, 112 pages

The Complete Book of Heating With Wood by Larry Gay, 1975 garden way publication, yellowed

Making Wood Boxes and Coal Bins, a garden way bulletin, like new, 1980, 32 pages

Coal Heat, a garden way bulletin, like new 32 pages, 1980

101 Glamorous Gifts to Make book, small book

Macrame by Imelda Manalo Pesch, a small book

Flower Arranging by Violet Stevenson, a small book

"Reds" by Jack W. Thomas, yellowed paperback book with markings, ISBN 553-08739-095

Edge of Paradise by Dorothy Verrnon, older paperback, very readable, yellowed, ISBN 0-671-57233-4

Do It Yourself Guide to Restoring Antiques, older paperback, yellowed, 1971, no isbn, lots of good information

HomeMakers Guide to Refinishing and Restoring Antiques, readable but yellowed, ISBN 0-88365-034-7

Franklin Mystery: The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity by James M. Cain, hardcover book, no isbn, gold edged pages, really nice condition

American Style August 2007

American Style December 2007

American Style August 2008

American Style December 2008

American Style Fall 2002

American Style Fall 2003

American Style Winter 2001-2002

Art News Magazine February 2006

Art News Magazine January 2006

The Crafts Report August 2008

The Crafts Report July 2007

The Crafts Report June 2007

The Crafts Report October 2007

The Crafts Report March 2007

The Crafts Report May 2007

The Crafts Report September 2007

Southwest Art Magazine December 2006

also have Real Simple Magazine, Traditional Home Magazine, More Magazine, and Body & Soul Magazines....please pm me if you are interested in these and I will list the months and years.


Also have some Oprah magazines....ask.

Entry added on 12/26/2010 9:42 PM
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Gerald H. (mohran):

this is very nice thing you are doing! thank you, gerald harmon

Reply added on 1/30/2012 2:35 PM
Sandy W. (quillingsandy) - , :

Need a nice wedding gift? check my website at for my designs.? I will gift wrap free and send to the bride and groom.

Entry added on 11/29/2010 5:43 PM
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