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The Pyrates: A Swashbuckling Comic Novel by the Creator of Flashman
Review Date: 1/28/2010

I actually enjoyed this book. The dialect was difficult at times to stay with, but all in all, it kept me engaged. This could also be because I am a pirate buff and many pirates I have heard and read about are in some way involved in the plot. The author takes great liberties with well known pirates, real and fictional, and sets a crafty adventure full of romance (well, sort of), violence (the "pirate" kind), and treasure (but of course). I definitely recommend for those who love a good pirate story.

The Wild Wood, Reprint Edition
The Wild Wood, Reprint Edition
Author: Charles de Lint
Book Type: Paperback
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.
Review Date: 12/4/2009
Helpful Score: 1

If you are a de Lint fan, this is it! Thin book, powerful writing. This is a keeper; sorry, won't be putting this on PBS anytime soon. Nature, fae, and a fantastic story that enchants you the whole way.

The Yoga Cookbook : Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind
Review Date: 10/5/2009

This is my go-to cookbook! I love every recipe I have tried from it and have even brought in recipes from the cookbook to the "meat and potatoes" crowd where I work and there is praise all around. For a vegan, this is a definite cookbook; for someone who just wants to try to eat without dairy, milk or meat, you will find terrific recipes that you'll love.

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