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Schiller Elementary School - IL

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Schiller Elementary School is located in Centralia, IL approximately 75 miles east of St. Louis. Schiller is one of two district schools serving students in grade 1 to 3 with the main difference being Schiller’s severe poverty level (98%). Our 200 plus students’ lives are greatly affected by hardship.


In the past few years we have undergone extreme budget cuts due to cuts in Title I funding and lack of state dollars. Regardless, Schiller has maintained high-test scores, challenged students with Common Core curriculum, and pushed our students to be the best they can be.


Every year we see a drop in reading levels over the summer. To alleviate this problem, at the end of the 2013-14 school year we held a book give away. Students were permitted to select books at their reading level to take home as their very own. The results were phenomenal! 77% of returning students had maintained their reading level AND 16% had actually improved!


We would love to continue giving books to students, but need help collecting books. We would greatly appreciate any books that could be provided.


From the bottom of our hearts,

Carmen Yarbrough,
Reading Specialist Schiller School