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There are many ways to refer others to PaperBackSwap! Your referrals can earn Book credits and cash. Learn More About Inviting Friends

New in November, 2015: Invite Friends and earn cash!

  • Send email to friends from the Invite Friends page - you can also share to facebook from that page.

  • When your invited member registers an eligible account* using the link in your Invitation email (or the link in a linked icon or email sig, or a shared Facebook Post), she or he will be recorded as your invitee.

    • When they list 10 books that they are ready to share with the club, you will get a Book Credit!

    • When they enroll in Standard Memberhip, you earn $5 (PBS Money) or $4 (cash). If they choose Limited Membership, you get $2 in PBS Money or $1 in cash.

  • Learn More About Inviting Friends

*to be eligible to grant referral rewards, an account must be the first account for the person and the first account for the household; it must comply with our Terms of Use; registration must be completed (all information provided) for the reward to be granted.

Banners, logos, linked icons:

  • These provide more ways to invite others to the club!

  • You can find the personalizable linked banners, icons, email footers, etc on the "Spread the Word" page under Community on the toolbar at the top of any page on the PaperBackSwap site.

On the Spread the Word page, you will find:

  • Linked email signatures, web icons and banners
  • Bookmarks and flyers to print out
  • Form emails to send to booklovers you know

All of the linked items can be personalized with one click!

  • This means that if someone clicks on your personalized link (a sig in an email you send them, for example, or an icon on your website), and registers at that time, you will be automatically recorded as the referrer!
  • You must be logged in to personalize your links.
  • To Personalize Links:
    • Go to the Spread the Word page
      • Place your cursor over Community in the toolbar at the top of the site
      • Click Spread the Word in the menu that drops down
    • Scroll down to see the button
    • If you are logged in, your PBS User Email (or PBS Nickname if you have chosen one) will be auto-filled in the space to the left of that button
    • Click
    • This will insert your user email (or PBS Nickname if you have chosen one) into the code for the links farther down on the page.
  • Scroll down and choose a linked item you want to use
    • Select-copy the code (all of it) in the box corresponding to the item you have chosen
    • Paste it into the appropriate place (your email sig, your website, etc.).
    • We do not have linked icons for emails yet, sorry; just for websites.
  • You will need to re-personalize the links each time you return to the Spread the Word page.

The Reward!

  • If you refer a new eligible account* who then posts 10 books to his or her Bookshelf, you will receive a credit. 

*Note that you do not earn referral credit for accounts at your own household, accounts that are not the first for the household, or accounts that violate the Terms of Use.  Referred accounts need to complete registration and activate the accounts by providing all account information before referral credit will be granted.

  • If a personalized link is used to register, the referral will be recorded automatically.

  • If a personalized link is NOT used to register, the new member must give your PaperBackSwap user email address OR your PaperBackSwap Nickname at the time of registration to record you as his or her referrer.

Don't forget Facebook!

  • You can share your PaperBackSwap Nickname at Facebook and anyone who registers a new account can give your nickname while doing so, and record the referral
  • Also, when you post a book to your account Bookshelf, you can share ("like") that posting, and anyone who clicks your shared link and orders the book from you at PaperBackSwap will order your copy (even if it is not first in line for requests).

Please note

  • Previous referrals do not earn cash or Book Credit retroactively.
  • You do not earn referral Book Credit for accounts at your own household, but an invitee's enrollment in Annual Membership does earn cash, even if the invited account is at your household.


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