Book Review of The Vampire Diaries Omnibus (Vol 2, Bks 3 & 4)

The Vampire Diaries Omnibus (Vol 2, Bks 3 & 4)
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I didn't like the first two books much. In my review I gave them 3 stars. In this case it is more 3 ½ stars because of The Fury that is in my opinion the best book in the saga. The Fury is everything that the other 3 books aren't. It makes sense, you definitely care about the characters and understand them better...their choices, their motivations and many important questions from the previous books got answered. Elena suffers a metamorphosis and I found myself caring for her after all and grieving with her. I felt more involved in the story and not like a spectator anymore. It has some flaws but they can be forgiven...overall it is a good book and it's worth reading.

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Dark Reunion, on the other hand, shouldn't be part of this saga. Even though it has some good and interesting parts it felt to me like the sequel of a movie that shouldn't had had a sequel in the first place. It didn't add anything new to the main story, to the main conflict. It didn't developed the characters any further and was almost entirely told from Bonny's point of view and that felt like going back to the beginning when Elena was annoying and self absorbed. It did attempt to give us some insight on Damon's mind...and to bring down that cruelty mask he tries so hard to keep on, but it failed because we only saw flashes of that.... maybe if the book would have been told from Stefan or Damon's point of view it would have been better. The end of the book was just over the was a fairy tale happily ever after ending that was incongruent with the entire left lots of questions unanswered and it did not fit with any of the myths or supernatural stories u have ever heard of...something just happened that can't be justified in any way you can think of. I don't see how someone can go from being human to be a vampire... to be actually then become some kind of entity or spirit that can be summoned and that also has powers to heal humans, vampires and just about anything... to the next second be (literally) human again, a human that fell from the sky (literally).

In conclusion, I think that there are many vampire romances series out there that are way better than this one and The CW TV series is so far better than these books. I hope they keep changing things making the story more logical and the characters more likable. Needless to say I won't be reading the new books that are coming out...this is the end of the road for mi with this story....