Book Review of Another Spring

Another Spring
Another Spring
Author: Joan Hohl
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Elizabeth was dealt a blow when her husband died suddenly. As part of the grieving process, she reconsiders what appears to be a cozy, comfortable upper-class life and decides that it isn't as fulfilling and satisfying as she'd like it to be. Digging up the mystery novels she wrote some 20 years earlier and abandoned upon marrying and having children, she pursues her girlhood dream of becoming an author. Her children, who are on the verge of independence, are as supportive as they can be in their own self-involved ways. However, she encounters stern disapproval from her former mother-in-law, who is concerned that Elizabeth's new career would appear as though she wasn't left properly provided for. I wouldn't describe Elizabeth as a woman scorned, as in the above product description. Instead, her discovery that her husband wasn't faithful to her only strengthened her determination to forge ahead with her goals.

Elizabeth attends a writer's workshop and meets an energetic and dynamic younger woman with whom she establishes a refreshing and rewarding friendship. De De's uncle happens to be a famous author, and when Elizabeth meets him, the chemistry between them nearly ignites the pages! I wouldn't describe Jake as a playboy or womanizer, but rather someone who has come to realize that he needs to move beyond shallow relationships and casual sex, and re-invent a more fulfilling life for himself.