Book Review of Weapons of Choice (Axis of Time Trilogy, Bk 1)

Weapons of Choice (Axis of Time Trilogy, Bk 1)
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Preparations for the pivotal Battle of Midway in 1942 are interrupted when a multinational task force from 2021 are transported in their midst, with near catastrophic results for both forces. The time travelers and the contemporaries must then deal with the implications for both the people involved, and the larger implications for WWII and beyond. The battles are detailed and realistic, the action is fast moving, and the plot is a nice twist on the alternate reality subgenre of SF. What I particularly enjoy about this book is that the sociological ramifications aren't forgotten amongst the shiny tech talk. How do the white men of the navy and government in 1942 react and adjust to the largely multi-ethnic and gender mixed commanding forces of the 2021 task force? How do the time travelers adjust to ways they perceive as almost-barbaric and ignorant, and how does their mere presence begin to change attitudes? The battles and depiction of historical figures are accurate and entertaining, yes, but this is where the real strength of the series is, in my opinion. It in no way slows down the main action, and it very definitely enhances the world the author is building for us. Highly recommended for fans of Turtledove, Stirling, and Flint.