Book Review of Blueprint for a Green Planet: Your Practical Guide to Restoring the World's Environment

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eymour and Giradet depict a very serious, negative picture of our environment, explaining how it became this way and offering suggestions for what can be done to swing the pendulum the other way. But it is really a book of hope, and throughout the text the authors suggest plans or ``blueprints'' that give readers ``positive action'' steps to take concerning a particular ecological malady. The authors present facts concerning solid waste, water, farming, drugs, hazards in the home, energy problems, and pollution in a clear, non-technical style. This approach, combined with superb diagrams, charts, and the ``positive action'' steps, makes this a perfect reference book for chemistry and biology teachers or students. Yet its appeal is broader, for teachers and students of social science will come to view it as a guide to ``citizen action.'' Seymour and Giradet succeed in convincing readers that individuals can make a difference if they try.