Book Review of The Passage (Passage, Bk 1)

The Passage (Passage, Bk 1)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Intense post apocalyptic drama..., June 7, 2010

This review is from: The Passage (Hardcover)
Although I don't typically read books that feature paranormal creatures, this particular novel grabbed me immediately and kept me interested and entertained throughout the very lengthy volume (my paperback ARC had 766 pages). The first novel in a planned trilogy, The Passage was fast paced and chilling. Although the ending is somewhat of a cliffhanger, the rest of the book was good enough to keep me glued to the pages and racing to the final chapters. I think I speak for most everyone who has read this book when I say that I can't wait for the next in the series! Many reviewers have remarked upon some similarities to other works -- most notably Stephen King's The Stand, but I feel that this book was not so much about the battle between good and evil as it was about the nature and expansiveness of the human spirit and its will to survive.

Without rehashing plot or detailing what happens in the book, let me just say this: I really liked the characters and the shifting point of view as well as the storyline! Rarely does a novel come along that brings out so many different moral issues that can be discussed long after the final page is turned. What makes a person human? How does the loss of hope affect the way that people live their lives? Does a vision of a medical advance that can transform the nature of humanity ultimately mean the destruction of the species? And what of using convicted killers as human subjects in a testing program? How far can/should humans go to protect each other and save mankind from predators and threats? All questions that arise during the course of the novel.

Bottom line: order it today! You won't be disappointed though you should definitely set aside a hefty chunk of time so that you can devour it quickly.