Book Review of 1984

Author: George Orwell
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback

1984 is a science fiction first published in the 40s. An idea that George Orwell thought of as a possible future. To explain the book without ruining the ending is hard. The book is dark and as the character sneak away to spots where Big Brother can not see them. There is always the feeling that you should look over your shoulder to see if they found you. Being in places Big Brother cant see you and being punished for going to those places does not seem as insane as thinking of being somewhere else and being punished for. Imagine having a thought against Big Brother and speaking in your sleep about it. Only to have your 5 year old daughter to report to the Thought Police for punishment which could be death.

This strange version of history that could have been is difficult to have anything good to say about it. Except for the fact that thankfully we do not live like this.

You want badly for the couple in the book to find a way to break loose and free themselves from Big Brother. Never thinking that the ending will turn as it does.

So much sadness and melancholy within in one book is depressing at times but it was a interesting read of a classic.