Book Review of Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers
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In case I've failed to mention it in the past, I love romantic science fiction. For my own personal taste, there's always been a sorely lacking amount of good books in this genre. That's all changed, I'm happy to say! FINDERS KEEPERS by Linnea Sinclair takes romantic sci-fi to an all new level-a book that's equally balanced in the amount of science fiction, fantasy, high-tech gadgetry, plot, and romantic subplot that perfectly suits readers of both the male and female sex.

FINDERS KEEPERS was an absolutely brilliant choice of title. In the world of salvage, whether you're talking sunken pirate ships, undiscovered lost cities, or the wreckage from a Trahtark `Sko fighting vessel that has the bad fortune to crash into a planet, first come, first served. For lucky Captain Trilby Elliot, she gets the up-close-and-personal front row seat to the ships destruction, and hightails it on over to be the first to root through the wreckage. With her trusty DZ-9 Droid, Dezi, Trilby prepares to make off with the highly profitable, and somewhat dangerous, intergalactic garbage.

All would have been fine and dandy-and lucrative-if not for the fact that the ship's pilot, Imperial Senior Captain Rhis Vanur, a Zafharian military commander, who gives arrogance a bad name, is still alive, breathing, and kicking. Not to mention cursing. Trilby and Dezi have no idea what a Zafharian is doing in a Ycsko ship, and Rhis isn't in any hurry to enlighten them. Once he realizes that Trilby wasn't, in fact, taking him to the Conclave Security on the Quivera Station, he lightens up-but not by much. He still can't tell her who he really is. If he did, she'd immediately remember all the nicknames that had been attributed to him over the years. Even more so, she might fully understand why he was on that `Sko ship, and what he hoped to accomplish.

Emotions and tongues are both brittle as Trilby and Rhis butt heads over any and everything. Trilby's been doing just fine as an independent trader of the-mostly-legal kind. And as for Rhis, whose been engineered to show no emotion and focus only on his goal, this sharp-tongued she-devil is something he never bargained for. But now, they're both on the run from the `Sko, getting in deeper and deeper over their heads. Not only lives are at stake, but that of nations, as well.

A wonderful book by Ms. Sinclair, FINDERS KEEPERS is not to be missed. Science fiction at its best, filled with delightful characters and a hard-boiled plot, make this book one you'll be glad you found first.