Book Review of From This Moment on (de Piaget, Bk 9)

From This Moment on (de Piaget, Bk 9)
From This Moment on (de Piaget, Bk 9)
Author: Lynn Kurland
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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colin of Berkhamshire knows two things-the pleasures of warring and that brides do not want him. Two years ago his bride-to-be, Alienore, fled and hasn't been seen since. Yet his father keeps foisting prospects on him. The latest seems to do nothing but faint. Alienore of Solonge knows two things as well-that fleeing not only Colin but also her scheming stepmother was the right thing to do. Yet as a knight in disguise she constantly fears discovery. At this point, she's not sure whom she fears more, the Butcher of Berkhamshire or her evil stepmother. Through a bizarre twist of fate, she ends up journeying with her charge-Colins latest intended-to England, where Alienore finds herself not only in the Butcher of Berkhamshire'sgarrison, but being made over into a knight by him personally. She thinks her life cannot worsen. Until....she begins to fall in love with him....