Book Review of Line of Duty

Line of Duty
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It begins in Harlem, where a drug lord is found shot dead, execution-style. No sigh of struggle, no theft, no apparent just doesn't add up. The case is a departmental hot potato that lands in the reluctant hands of Lieutenant Brian Shannon. A veteran police squad commander from the "old school", Shannon is temporarily assigned to the Chief of Detective's office with orders to proceed with extreme discretion - for the evidence strongly suggests the killer is hiding behind a badge. To make matters worse, Shannon's new partner is from Internal Affairs, a young hotshot whose irreverent, iconoclastic approach couldn't be further from hsi own.
Soon Shannon finds himself on a trail of curruption, betrayal, and greed that leads him from One Police Plaza to the office of a Brooklyn congressman to the precinct's favortie watering holes and an all-star cop on a dark crusade. It's a case of good cops, bad cops, and cops on the edge, and it could push Shannon into early retirement...or an early grave.