Book Review of Dangerous Lover (Dangerous, Bk 1)

Dangerous Lover (Dangerous, Bk 1)
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Good lord could this book have more romance story cliches or what? There's the over the top ex-special forces hero who has pined after the heroine for twelve years, there's the very weak and easily scared heroine who is all alone in the world and in need of rescuing, the extremely evil villain who will go to any length to hurt both the hero and heroine, the cheesy statements that no one in real life would say. Let's not forget the nonstop sex..The sex scenes were terrible. I honestly didn't see what the heroine got out of it. He really wasn't all that skilled. He's called the dangerous lover in the title of the book, but it's more accurate to call him the bad lover.

The ending of this book is one of the worst I've read. It's not that I don't care for the ending. It's the way the ending happens. It just ends. You have no idea if they even get an HEA. It's that abrupt. The story is moving along and boom..the end. It's very bizarre. It's so bizarre the author issued an epilogue on her website to appease those who read the book.

The sad thing is the story had a lot of potential. The opening chapter was great. The premise was good. I couldn't wait to see what happened, but as soon as the hero returned, the story went downhill fast.
The author becomes so repetitive in how much the hero wants the heroine. Yes, I get it. He wants her really bad. You don't need to write three chapters just about his longing. The heroine's character is very flat, passive and boring. I really couldn't get a sense of her at all. The hero seems to have incredible powers. He's huge. I'll leave it at that, but he's huge everywhere. He can smell as well as a trained canine dog. I'm not making this up. It says so in the book. He also has night vision beyond that of a normal human. He's incredibly strong and fast. He doesn't need much sleep. He can go days without eating. After a while, I started wondering..nay hoping..perhaps he was a vampire because I like paranormal stories. Alas he was a mere mortal.
Much of the story is internal monologue. The entire story happens over three to four days so that gives you an idea of just how much internal monologue and recollection of past events there is in the book. There isn't a lot of conversation or character building. This is the author's first book so hopefully she has improved since this one.

Don't be fooled by the pretty cover. This is not a good book. I'm sorry I read this story.