Book Review of Storm Front (Dresden Files, Bk 1)

Storm Front  (Dresden Files, Bk 1)
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I have to agree with the previous reviews and state: "This is a beautiful beginning to a hopefully long and fruitful series!"

I think one critic said: "The rated "R" version of Harry Potter." I'd like to add: "The rated "R" version of Harry Potter set in a muggle's world."

What do we mean? The reader follows Harry Dresden a real life wizard with real life problems in Chicago. His problems stem from the magical world, as well as the 'everyday' world. He advertises as a wizard or paranormal investigator and on occassion the Chicago P.D. consultes him.

In this particular book, he starts off with a missing husband case and a double homicide undoubtedly done with black magic.

Great character development (at least for Harry) and wonderful writing - at times I might have snorted myself since the sarcasm was dripping off the pages!