Book Review of Death: The Trip of a Lifetime

Death: The Trip of a Lifetime
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From the back cover:
Who said the reaper has to be grim?

"As the product of a relatively normal American childhood, death was certainly a stranger to me for a long time. I know it existed, as I knew Africa existed. I just didn't think I'd ever go there. According to experts who like to ask kids such questions,children are aware of the basic existence of death very early, even as young as age 3. In those early years,however, death seems to have more to do with fear of abandonment, than fear of personal involvement. If one morning the family goldfish is doing an extremely slow backstroke on the surface of the tank, does that mean that next morning will we find Mommy stuck belly up to the ceiling of her bedroom, just because we fed her too much the night before? And if so, who's going to take me to get my new sneakers?"

Get ready to take a moving, fascinating,rollicking ride around the globe & across the styx with affable, middle-aged, everyman-guide Greg Palmer.

Like the PBS series of the same name this book is filled with the frightening, funny, poignant, and just plain weird.This delightfully different "travelogue" follows 1 man's quest to discover how people around the world cope with the incontrovertible fact of death. The result is a wise, witty, decidedly quirky celebration of how we all face life.

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