Book Review of A Cat in Wolf's Clothing (Alice Nestleton, Bk 3)

A Cat in Wolf's Clothing (Alice Nestleton, Bk 3)
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These books just keep getting better and better. Alice is on the trail of 17 murders that are supposedly linked. Every single person had a cat and eah person got a rare wind-up mouse toy left in their apartment. Alice is hired by a special police force called Retro. They are supposed to find out who the killer is. When Alice presents her theory, the team laughs about it, and she is literally pushed into a small corner cubicle where is later fired. She goes on in search of the killer herself, along with the help of Tony, who has left his family because he wants to go into theatre. Tony and Alice become lovers. I don't want to give away the details of the story. You will never guess the ending to this mystery.