Book Review of Mary's Home (Peace in the Valley)

Mary's Home (Peace in the Valley)
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Mary's Home by Jerry S. Eicher is the third installment in Peace in the Valley series. Mary Yoder dreams of getting married, having a home and a large family. Mary knows that God will lead her to the right man for her. A group of young people come in from Lancaster County and Mary meets Josiah Beiler. A year later they are engaged and Mary is looking forward to her wedding. Six months before the wedding, Josiah comes to town and breaks up with Mary. Six months later, Josiah marries another on the exact same day (the cad). Mrs. Gabert, a local widow, encourages a match between her grandson, Willard and Mary. Despite their different backgrounds, Mrs. Gabert believes they can find happiness together. Betsy Yoder, Mary's sister, is about to jump the fence and would like Mary to join her. Stephen Overholt is an Amish bachelor in need of wife and believes Mary is the right woman for him. What does the future hold for Mary? Will Betsy leave the Amish community or can someone persuade her to stay?

Mary's Home is nicely written, has good characters and medium pace. Mary's Home is a simple romance novel. I did find too much focus on marriage (we get itâit is Mary's dream). Some of the sections were long winded and I ended up skimming through them (Stephen Overholt's segments were the worst). The character of Stephen Overholt was an unnecessary addition. He did not enhance the story (he downgraded it for me). I felt that the story ended abruptly. It desperately needed an epilogue. The same details are repeated throughout the story. Mary's Home was lacking in substance. I thought the author missed the mark with Mary's Home. Mary's Home is a wholesome story that would suit a younger audience (young adult).