Book Review of 11/22/63: A Novel

11/22/63: A Novel
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I have thought and thought about this...yes, it was a good listen while I cooked, cleaned, did crafty stuff in the house. It kept me company. I was listening to the lives of some friends, chuckling as they brought up a few memories from our far past. I got to know these people, inside and out, in a way that only King can accomplish. I've said many times, no one does characterization like Stephen King. That is usually why I love his loooong books. But even a character-driven story needs something to happen now and again, and in reality, except for meeting new people and a couple of beatings, nothing ever happened. Nothing.

The denoument of Kennedy/Oswald was so glossed over, so minor, that it shocked me that a whole 30 plus hour book was written about it. Not to spoil anything for others, but you who have read it will know who I mean....when there was the death of a major character, I didn't give a crap. I didn't much care how George/Jacob grieved. The only time I felt sad about it was when Deke, the old man, talked about it. And, if you must know, I am a total wimp when it comes to deaths and other griefs in books or movies. I will cry and think about these things for weeks.

Anyone who's taken writing courses or attended writing conferences knows the any author or editor will tell you, you can save a book with that hit them between the eyes beginning that will grab the reader, then you will make the reader always recall your book fondly if you give them an ending that is heartwrenching, in a good way or bad. Tender, sweet...memorable. And that is my very point about 11-22-63.

This book started off so well, a terrific premise. That last made the listen almost worth it. It was tender, so beautifully written, and in my case, so lovingly read, that I thought about it long after the story ended. I loved loved loved the ending.

Thus...this book seems far far better than it actually was for me. Like I said earlier...if it hadn't been Stephen King, I doubt it would have gotten past the first reader to an actual editor's desk for consideration.