Book Review of Infinity's Child

Infinity's Child
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Sally Benedict is having a baby. AFter years of trying, after scores of tests, Sally and her husband are thrilled. But someone is watching, someone who knows all about Sally's unborn child--right down to her unique genetic code.

A few miles away, scientists at a biotech lab are nearing a breakthrough. They have uncovered teh kety to longevity--in one family's genetic makeup. Lives iwll be saved. Billions can be made. But one crucial piece is missing: the healthy organs of a newborn who possesses the rare "infinity gene".

A world class reporter in a small town, Sally can sense the darknes gathering around her. Graves are being robbed in the local churchyard--and they all belong to one family: her own. Then, suddenly, with her husband out of town, Sally goes in to labor in a remote rural hospital, knowing she can trust no one--not even her own doctor. What she doesn't know is how far this is all going to go. Becasue ruthless scientists, desperate for a medical miracle, are running out of time. And they're coming for Sally's child...