Book Review of Belle

Author: Melanie Jackson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
Helpful Score: 1

If life was fair and simple, Stephen Kirton would be happily married to a respectable lady. However, as far as Stephen is concerned life is unreasonable and complex so he knows his dream will never happen, as Polite Society will never accept a person born on the wrong side of the sheets let alone his commerce with the "lower classes". Instead, he seeks a night of revelry at the hedonistic Ormstead Park where he is shocked to see Annabelle Winston, whom he knows from his youth.
Stephen and Annabelle fall into each others' arms when they are nothing short of "foxed." Both have been jilted and are looking for what love really means. When they wake the next morning, compromised in reputation, if not in fact, and feeling the worse for wear, the chase begins with each trying to save the other from him or herself. Reavers, poison, and a series of delightful card games where the lovers play for stakes much higher than money, are barriers to their final bliss