Book Review of The Marriage of Opposites

The Marriage of Opposites
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WOW! I really enjoyed this book!
Now, let me begin by relating that it did take me about 39 pages to really get into it. I think many of A. Hoffmans' fans that are not so fond of some of her later works may not be fans of historical period novels. This book, (I have already popped it into the mail so that others on the site can get the pleasure of it) begins in the early to mid 1800s(approx.). It spans the life of Rachael Pomie and her day to day life. Amazing it is that one novel (based on facts) can cover the life of 1 person and the lives of several others (just not as detailed in the case of the others).
I have only a couple of friends of the Jewish faith. So one may say that I know very, very little of Judaism. I felt that I got to learn a bit on this subject and some historical facts as well as details of life in the Saint Thomas area island life.
I really enjoyed reading about Jacobo Camille Pizzaro and of his childhood and how his young artists' mind saw things. I did not know of his great contribution to the Impressionism works.
There was definitely some of Hoffman's' magicalism. This is a historical book, a love story, a book about class marriage, interfaith marriage, a book that delves deeply into the injustices of slavery, a book that touches on how u.s. civil war affected many countries.
Once again, Hoffman never lets me down. Indeed, there were tears.