Book Review of Into the Wild (Warriors, Bk 1)

Into the Wild (Warriors, Bk 1)
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32 years old reading the Warrior series and loving it. I play on a site called Mweor and while most of the people who play the game are young I have found a few older players . I would constantly see posts and mentions of FireHeart and Erin hunter.
I am so glad i decided to take a break and relax with the Warrior cats of ThunderClan.
When I was in my teens I would read Redwall and Dragonlance and I forgot how much I love books like them. This is such a refreshing series. They seem to be at a peak and are very hold to get a hold of unless you want to purchase every copy.
I purchased my first copy on ebay and the next two from the library. I am now on the forth book and I'm on a waiting list on this site and 2 local libraries. I don't know how long I can wait to start the next book. I might have to break down and purchase it. Please help me I think I have a problem ... All that said ... Great book and great series I look forward to start reading the 4th book Rising storm .