Book Review of The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises
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Man those people drank a lot. I got dehydrated just reading about it.

If you like Hemingway because of the way he's able to use short words over and over and they hit you like it's the first time you've ever really heard them, you'll love this book. If you like Hemingway because of manly men doing things where you're like, "I'm a man, or at least I've observed them at close range, and I don't get why the correct man reaction to ________ (insult/woman's inscrutable comment/witness of horrific action/light fog) is _________ (fighting and winning/fighting and losing/fighting and drinking with the guy you just fought with/saying something random but confident and the woman seems to believe you and swim in your words). I don't understand why these are correct man responses, but I can see that they are, and I don't measure up," you'll also like this book.

If you like Hemingway because everybody you like dies, and so does everyone you hate, and aw hell, the bellhop and the waiter die too, this might not be the Hemingway for you.