Book Review of Dawnkeepers (Nightkeepers, Bk 2)

Dawnkeepers (Nightkeepers, Bk 2)
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Just to warn you...There's a spoiler in here.

Nate is full of crap. He can't accept that he wants Alexis and Alexis so is needy! UGH! She's all like 'I want to help the king. Must assist the king. Blah. Blah. Blah.' So annoying! Throughout the whole book, I just feel like jumping into the pages and slapping both of them! And Rabbit is so stupid sometimes! He just doesn't know how to stay out of trouble! I hope Jessica Andersen writes a book explaining Rabbit cuz the kid is cracked out! I still hate Anna. She is in severe denial of who she is. She has visions of her husband cheating and still stays with him!!! I want to slap her too!!!