Book Review of Fortress

Author: David Drake
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Paperback
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Sometimes a fighting man just can't wait for Congress to make up its mind, assuming it has one, especially when someone is pointing a gun at him.
Tom Kelly's been in that position before--so far he's always come out with his skin. Now some people are asking him to risk his life again; this time they want him to tangle with aliens who have landed in Turkey. And they have an alien corpse around just to prove it to him. Kelly can't trust anyone. His case officer, Elain Tuttle, and his co-agent, Doug Blakeley, are lying to him; his government is prepared to deny him; the beautiful stripper, Gisela Romer, belongs to a terrorist conspiracy; his old Kurdish allies are dead or gone.
Only the aliens are left--and they could be evern less trustworthy than any human being he has ever known . . .