Book Review of A Cat in a Glass House (Alice Nestleton, Bk 7)

A Cat in a Glass House (Alice Nestleton, Bk 7)
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Alice Nestleton, after years in off, off-off and far-beyond Broadway theater, sees stardom beckoning at last. Her agent has sent her to a trendy Tribeca Chinese eatery to land a movie part with an almost-major film producer. Instead, Alice is catapulted into crime once more. Before she can even order, she spots a fabulous red tabby mysteriously perched amid the glass decor...and three young thugs pulling out weapons to spray the restaurant with bullets. After the shooting, a pretty waitress is dead, and Alice--ever hopeful actress, accojmplished cat-sitter, and occcasional consultant for the NYPD--is dead certain the tabby is missing. Teamed up with a handsome, Mandarin-speaking city cop, she's up to her fortune cookie in trouble...." (quoted from back cover).