Book Review of Sweetwater (Large Print)

Sweetwater (Large Print)
Sweetwater (Large Print)
Author: Dorothy Garlock
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
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This is a very satisfying western romance by Dorothy Garlock. The only disappointment was that this is the last of a series (see below) and I read it first!

It took an epic 458 pages to tell the story of twins, Trell and Travor McCall. Actually, the story begins with the women who will play an important part in the twins lives, Jenny Gray and Colleen Murphy.

Jenny absconds with her two younger sisters (because they are being abused by Jennys older sister, Margaret, and husband, Charles). She finds that she must move to a territory and change her last name, in order to protect the children.

She signs a contract to teach Shoshoni children in the Wyoming Territory. When the 3 arrive, nothing is as promised. On top of that, the citizens of the closest town are enraged that a teacher has been hired to teach Indians while they dont have a teacher for their children.

No one seems to want Jenny there including the Indian Agent, Alvin Havelshell. The school has been vandalized and the house assigned to Jenny and her sisters is unwelcoming and abandoned.

However, Jenny is no shrinking violet! She doesnt wring her hands, she finds solutions. Trell visits (his ranch is nearby) and helps her by finding some squatters, Colleen Murphy and her Granny.

Cassandra is priceless: outspoken, intelligent and articulate. Whit is another interesting character; the verbal sparring between Cassandra and Whit is very amusing. Perhaps the story is so engaging because Garlock does such a good job with the secondary characters!

In some stories, characters spend excessive time agonizing internally about their thoughts and fears. Garlock balances internal worry with considerable action. The story moves at a fast clip.

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