Book Review of Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)
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It seems that with "Breaking Dawn" either you loved it or hated it. Although I wouldn't go quite so far as to say that I hated it, I really didn't enjoy it. In fact, I found it depressing. Meyer seemed to gone the way Patricia Cornwell did with her Kay Scarpetta series: beloved characters that had been so richly portrayed in the past books all of a sudden seem dull and almost unrecognizable, storylines and characters are thrown in willy-nilly and then removed just as quickly, and (the worst sin) the main character starts to get under your skin so much that you almost stop caring about her. On it's own this book might have been okay but it's so oddly out of sorts with the rest of the series that it just bothered me. I'm sorry to say that I cannot recommend it.