Book Review of The Quest (Sonnet Books)

The Quest (Sonnet Books)
The Quest (Sonnet Books)
Author: Pam Binder
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Scotland, 1328: Conjuring with all of her will, ANA de Dannon summons the greatest champion of the ages, Cuchulainn, the legendary Irish warrior. Only he could defeat ANA's evil half-brother, Roderick and free her mother, Rhiannon from Edinburg Tower. In a perversely generous gesture -- as he knows no man in the land will face him -- Roderick has offered to release any prisoner whose champion can defeat him in a tournament.

But the powerful man Ana conjures is not Cuchulainn, though the word Warrior is written on his strange and colorful garment ... and his face is hidden beneath a massive helmet. Ana has mistakenly called forth Kenneth MacKinnon, quarterback for the Seattle Warriors and the greatest champion of his age -- the year 2000. But he may be the her she needs after all, when he learns to do battle for something greater than his own glory -- the love of a fair maiden.