Book Review of Rainbow in the Mist

Rainbow in the Mist
Rainbow in the Mist
Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Unlike her mother, a fomous psychic, Christy Loren fears her unwanted legacy and the horrifying visions that always appear too late. Desperate for peace and safety, she flees to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the reasurring presence of her Aunt Nona. But a mystery even more threatening awaits her, a puzzle surrounding a writer's death and the disappearance of her enigmatic cousin, Deirdre.
Visions of something evil and violent envelop her-pulling her unwillingly into the ominous web that surrounds Deirdre's disappearance and the secrets locked in the heart of Deirdre's tormented husband-a man to whom Christy is passionately drawn.
Here in this peaceful place, something wicked hides. Here, Christy knows the blood-chilling dream that has haunted her will come to terrifying life. For someone will do anything to stop her from discovering the dark secret hiddin in the mist.. or the love that, like a rainbow, awaits.