Book Review of With Red Hands (Violet Series, Bk 2)

With Red Hands (Violet Series, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 2

Started yesterday -- finished today! I remember noticing Woodworth's writing style and little details when I read Through Violet Eyes, but this book went down in two quick gulps! It's a very fast-paced story, and I gave in and let myself fly through it.

It's not the happiest story. It left me feeling a bit sad and grim so I think I'll take a little break before jumping into the next book in the series.

But I'll definitely be continuing on with the series though! The Violets make for great plots and Woodworth is a good storyteller. I'd also recommend these books to anyone who likes thrillers or paranormals.

But ugh! It took Natalie forever to do the thing I immediately thought of doing when the going got tough! Geez girl, if you're holding a good card then go ahead and play it! Maybe part of my rush to get to the end was to find out if she ever going to do the obvious! :P