Book Review of Relentless

Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Hardcover
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After receiving a scathing review from a highly regarded reviewer of literary fiction, Cubby cannot just "let it go" as advised by his wife Penny. Instead he brings his son Milo along to a restaurant where the elusive critic is known to lunch, and inadvertently draws Sherman Waxx's attention to his family.

Turns out Waxx is in cahoots with a bunch of nut jobs who have a history of torturing and murdering artists they do not like, along with their families. Cubby has no choice but to take Penny, Milo and their dog Lassie on the run.

It is hard to not enjoy any Dean Koontz story because no matter how outlandish the story he is always suspenseful. While this book was no exception, I did think the ending was pretty out there. However, Relentless is still an entertaining read that could be finished during a long day at the beach.