Book Review of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
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Helpful Score: 10

Readers of this book will fall into one of two categories: those who love it and can't put it down vs those who find it too tedious and slow to finish.

I fall into the category of those who loved this book. I found it steady and compelling, even though the plot was subtle and the action subdued. For me, this book possessed that unidentifiable hook that drew me in at the very beginning and kept me interested to the very end.

This book provides a unique blend of magic, mystery, mythology, and Victorian-style writing. The characters are as complex as the situations that surround them. Claims that this book is slow, tedious, and boring are not unfounded. There is certainly a contingency of readers who will absolutely hate this book. There will also be just as many who name it among their favorites.

If you start reading this book and are not intrigued by the first 100 pages or so, then you would probably do best by moving onto something else. The pacing and tone of the book remain fairly consistent throughout its 800+ pages. If the first 100 bore you, move on. If they intrigue you, then be glad to know that there are 700 more to come.