Book Review of Alert (Michael Bennett, Bk 8)

Alert (Michael Bennett, Bk 8)
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For anyone who has been following the Michael Bennett series, you know what you get. New York City seems to be always besieged with troubles, pitting Bennett right in the middle of everything. His ten kids and his grandfather are the most terrific fictional family I've ever read about.

If you haven't read a Michael Bennett book, please don't start here. Go back to the beginning with Step On A Crack. Trust me ... you will not regret it!

In this outing, someone is trying to systematically level New York City. Gas is piped through the underground and remotely detonated. The entire subway system is shut down.

Drones loaded with explosives fly into the FBI Building and decimate it.

The current Mayor is shot and killed by a robotic device from atop a tall building.

Ted Kaszynski, better known as the Unabomber, contacts the FBI from prison ... he gives them a profile of sorts for the people responsible with a dire warning of his own ... All this destruction is just the beginning and the loss of life will be like nothing ever seen before ..not even the 911 tragedy.

Emily Parker from the FBI joins Bennett in a race to stop these madmen before anymore lives are lost.

Excellent Book! Excellent Series! 5 Stars with no hesitation.