Book Review of Light My Fire (Aisling Grey, Guardian, Bk 3)

Light My Fire (Aisling Grey, Guardian, Bk 3)
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Book #3 in the Aisling Grey, Guardian series.

MacAlister's third paranormal Aisling Grey novel takes her heroine and her pet demon, Jim (who looks like a Newfoundland dog), to London, where she is apprenticing to Nora to learn the Guardian trade. She is soon on the hot seat when Jim eats the Imp king, but that may be the least of her problems since the Green and Red dragon clans are now at war, and someone wants her dead. The imps do torch Nora's house so Aisling, Nora, and Jim move into the London mansion of Drake Vireo, green-eyed wyvern, and sparks fly. Then, kidnapped while wearing only a towel, Aisling is pitched from the frying pan into the fire when she is then stolen from her kidnappers and required to draw on her dark powers to vanquish a Demon Lord. MacAlister's crazy paranormal high jinks, delightful characters, and simmering romance between Aisling and Drake will appeal to fans of MaryJanice Davidson's Betsy Taylor, Queen of the Vampires, series.