Book Review of Gray Matter

Gray Matter
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"Gray Matter is one of those rare and stunning thrillers than not only made my pulse race, it also challenged my firmly held beliefs about human intelligence. This is a thought-provoking and controversial novel that will chill you to the bone." Tess Gerritsen
"Rachel Whitman and her husband have everything: a big new house in a fancy Boston suburb, all the brand-name 'toys' that go along with wealth, and best of all, a gorgeous, sweet little six-year-old son names Dylan.
But Dylan has learning disabilities. Although intelligence isn't everything, Rachel fears her son will grow up never fully appreciating the wonders of life. Tortured by the idea that something she did in the past caused Dylan's problems, Rachel becomes obsessed with a secret--and expensive--medical proceedure that claims to turn 'slow' children into geniuses.
Should she and her husband sacrifice their new fortune on the risky, experimental procedure for the sake of their son's happiness? Unaware of the real consequences of the brain enhancement procedure, Rachel can't know that the costs of the operation are far more than financial.