Book Review of Blood Drive (Anna Strong Chronicles, Bk 2)

Blood Drive (Anna Strong Chronicles, Bk 2)
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Not only is Anna still not accepting she's a vampire, she's let all her vampiric responsibilities lapse.

I get a little irritated with series that never end and only give us a tiny taste of what is to come eventually. The story was well written and entertaining, and can almost stand alone as simply a mystery book. However, I'm going to need a little more plot progression to continue with this series.

I expected to learn a little bit more about Casper. I was also expecting Anna to learn about this legacy people keep mentioning to her. I also thought she would settle some things between her and Max.

More of a mystery with paranormal elements, those elements include Anna and the police chief being vampires and a school teacher being a werepanther. (That's not a spoiler: look at the gorgeous cover art by Cliff Nielsen.)