Book Review of Cold Storage

Cold Storage
Cold Storage
Author: Don Lasseter
Genre: Nonfiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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On June 3, 1991, an abandoned car was found on a busy stretch of highway near Newport Beach, California. It's owner, Denise Huber, seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. For 3 years her dissappearance remained a mystery, inspiring one of the most intensive missing-persons searches in history. All to no avail. Because the only man who knew what happened to Denise wasn't talking. He wasn't through with her yet.

Only July 13, 1994, in an affluent suburb of Prescott, Arizona, a padlocked truck parked in the driveway of 37-year-old John Famalaro provokes suspicion. When authorities finally pried open it's doors, they found the nude, handcuffed corpse of Denise Huber stuffed into a freezer-preserved forever in the throes of death. Inside Famalaro's home were Denise's personal belongings, along with neatly arranged "trophies" of other female prey.

But it was the revelations at Famalaro's trial that would truly stagger the imagination, laying bare the terrifying details of Denise's final hours, and exposing the dark past of a merciless killer consumed by perversity and unfathomable evil.

From the unforgettable crime to the relentless manhunt, from the sensational trial to the startling aftermath, COLD STORAGE will chill wvwn the most seasoned true crime aficionado to the bone.