Book Review of Vegas is Burning: Book One of the Ring of Fire Series (Volume 1)

Vegas is Burning: Book One of the Ring of Fire Series (Volume 1)
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I. Can't. Wait. For. More!!!!!
4 Grandchildren from the God Ra/ children of Adish and his mate Suna-Sun and with the 4 children from Mother of Earth and her mate Demon King are destined to be together, mated to stop Adish and his curse of destroying the earth.
Okay it's more worded of Rhyme in the beginning but it's pretty much what it is.

Bella, raised human, adopted/stolen and raised by dark magic users, long story short she was abused by all 3 'family' members. Her only trust is in her best friend, Charley and Charley's BIG Creole family, voodoo and more,is flowing their their blood. Bella and Charley are linked as sisters but not blood sisters, there is more to that story, it's very emotional. Bella will have to deal with loads of attempt's on her life within days and there are people that would rather kill her then see then see others living. Bella is a part of the first destruction is she and her mate don't do the 'deed' life as she knows it will be....
Roul, alpha of his pack, Dom/Master, one of few that is part wolf and gargoyle, think a living wolf that looks like stone wolf, freaky but it's with a purpose. He hasn't met he mate but feels when she is hurt and died, basically he's hanging by a thread of sanity. He has to rely on his younger brother when a call comes in to him about his destin mate. What he thought his mate would be was his sub to meet his dark love but he got not only one mate but her sister, her family, other wolves from Ohio, demons, cats, etc. A simple mating to save Vegas is turned I to a whole new scene that he is a part of and not the master of. His little wolf is more stubborn and reckless then he thought, life will he interesting or so he thought.
It not just Bella and Raul story but also Charley, her wolfe boy Tank and the Vampire to bridge the two couples together and species together, Lucid is also the owner of the BDSM club that will play a big part of the destiny.

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