Book Review of The Ghost Sitter

The Ghost Sitter
The Ghost Sitter
Author: Peni R. Griffin
Book Type: Paperback
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From the back--
For 50 years, ten year old Susie has waited for her parents and sister to come back. Each new family that moves into her home seems not to notice her, except for the young children. Susie likes children. She even likes baby-sitting, but can she baby-sit forever? And why can't she get anyone else's attention?
Charlotte is looking forward to a great summer in her new home, despite many baby-sitting duties. Her own bedroom, a nearby pool, a friendly neighbor, a big fourth of July block party coming up-everything about the new house is terrific. And strangely, her little brother, who is usually such a handful, suddenly becomes easier to manage. Is someone else helping Charlotte watch Brandon? Someone only he can see? Gradually Charlotte realizes that her all-too-normal house is haunted-by the ghost of a girl who doesn't or won't realize that she's dead.