Book Review of The Silver Star

The Silver Star
The Silver Star
Author: Jeannette Walls
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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This is the 1st fictional book I have read by Jeannette Walls and it is as enjoyable as her non-fiction work.

It's the story of two sisters - Liz and Jean "Bean" - whose mom is not the most stable of parents. Their mom has a habit of leaving for days or weeks at a time and the girls are left to fend for themselves. After Bean discovers their mom has been telling a pretty elaborate lie, she leaves them behind once again and the girls end up going to live with an uncle in their mom's home town. The majority of the story takes place in this small town and there are many different things going on simultaneously in the story including Bean meeting family she never knew, the girls starting at a new school during the town's 1st year of desegregation, and dealing with their uncle who has basically been living as a shut-in.

There is so much more to this story than I can write here but anyone who loves Ms. Walls' other books will definitely find this one worth reading!