Book Review of Medalon (Hythrun Chronicles, Bk 1)

Medalon (Hythrun Chronicles, Bk 1)
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I'd heard about Jennifer Fallon through some Amazon boards. Then, I saw her book sitting on a shelf in Barnes and Nobles. So, thought I'd give her a try.

I do like her characters and the world that she created. It involves the Harshini people, who are worshipped as god-like, but are believed to be destroyed 200 years ago. The main kingdom, Medalon, is full of atheists in a world that is surrounded by god believing kingdoms. The Sisters of the Blade helped destroy the Harshini, but of course, not all are dead. The gods are real too. It is almost like a D & D game with made over Greek Gods. But then, that is what gives the book some charm. It is a good world to plunge into.

Some things are a little predictable, but nothing that draws away from the plot too much. There is a capture/recapture pattern in the plot that did drive me a little crazy. I would think the main character guy, Tarja, would figure out a trap, especially if he kept falling into one over and over. He is supposed to be a great soldier, Captain, and good at battle tactics.

But other than that small character problem, Fallon's world drew me in. I've got the next two books in the series, and am plowing into them now. If you need a good fantasy world to delve into for a long trip or to disappear into, this is a good book for you.