Book Review of NOAH II

Author: Roger Dixon
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Paperback
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Definite recommend, but with one caution: this book rather reads like an unfinished manuscript. The premise is very interesting, and the story line is good, but there are parts that just end abruptly and situations that are set up which go nowhere. In one of the most jarring of these, a major character is introduced and developed well, then just dropped with no resolution. Other less-important characters are given a full story arc, with at least a small blurb added in to explain how they died or what became of them. Perhaps it was intended as a screenplay, with video details to fill in the holes, as the book starts out with a claim of an imminent film release...? All in all, a very good read, and though it follows the common 1960-70s "horrible future of man" dialogue, it's a more unique approach than most. Great quick read for the beach or quiet vacation weekend. :)